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Nandini Deo is an Associate Professor in the department of Political Science at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA.
Her research on civil society points to the way that the world of social movement activists and NGOs is one that is shaped by power inequalities and financial clout.

Deo’s first book The Politics of Collective Advocacy in India was co-authored with Duncan McDuie Ra. They argued that NGOs face challenges as well as opportunities as they engage issue networks nationally and transnationally.

Her second book, Mobilizing Religion and Gender in India: The role of activism compares the rise and fall of women’s movements and religious nationalism as an outcome of activist strategies as they responded to changing political structures.

Her next book project is an edited volume on postsecular feminism. Currently, she is conducting a study of how the 2013 Companies Act is shaping corporate philanthropy in partnership with NGOs in India.

Deo teaches courses on social movements, comparative politics, and political theory.

She is originally from India and resides in Philadelphia.