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Liz is the co-founder of Collaboration for Impact (CFI) and has Liz has spent the last two years working exclusively on the establishment of Australia’s leading learning organisation. CFI builds capacity in collective impact(CI), adaptive leadership for social change and collective impact, systems change and social innovation. Liz brings this unique experience, skills and knowledge to the development of collaboration/s which enables cross stakeholder/sectors to change the way their systems work together to create positive social change.
Coming from a background leading NGOS’s in Scotland and Australia, Liz has over a decade of experience in Adaptive Leadership, working with leaders in community, government and businesses across Australia to learn the theory and apply the practice of Adaptive Leadership to tackle their toughest challenges. Liz co-lead the establishment and growth of a national learning and consulting organisation (Social Leadership Australia) For the past two years she has been blending Adaptive Leadership with the Collective Impact Framework, applying this extensive practice to communities working collaboratively across Australia to achieve better outcomes.

In 2013, she co-authored her first book, “The Australian Leadership Paradox: What it takes to lead in the Lucky Country”, together with Geoff Aigner, published by Allen & Unwin. Her latest book “Lost conversations: Finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together” was launched in November 2014 and was co-authored with a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders during a five year leadership initiative.