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Raised under South Australia’s fierce sun, Isaac knows first hand the need for urgent action on climate change. An enthusiast for distributed organising and organising at scale, encouraging non-violent but disruptive tactics, and a focus on corporate campaigning, Isaac has been active in the climate movement since age seventeen.

Now based in Sydney, Isaac works on the #StopAdani campaign, pushing for an end to the Adani coal mine in Queensland. The campaign has seen the seeding of 160 local groups, a diverse range of tactics, and is beginning to shift Australia’s biggest companies and politicians. Isaac has been awarded Bob Brown’s Young Environmentalist of the Year for his work.

Before that, Isaac worked as Australia’s Divestment Campaigner, a campaign working to undermine the social license of coal and gas by calling on institutions to dump their shares in the fossil fuel industry. Over 130 institutions in Australia have divested, including the Queensland University of Technology, the Anglican Diocese of Perth, the City of Newcastle – home to the biggest coal port in the world, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and many more.