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Day 1: Tuesday 30th October, 2018

UNSW Scientia Building Foyer – Tea and Coffee served on arrival

ACFID President, Susan Pascoe AM

Human Rights – What are they and why do they matter? Reflections on the current situation in the world and how Australia projects itself. Our seat on the Human Rights Council and what this means to our sector.

The significance of peacebuilding for international development and should development and humanitarian NGOs be working more actively in this area to promote human rights? How is the shrinking of civil society space impacting on the enjoyment of human rights and the work of human rights defenders?

Rights-based approaches are now part of development orthodoxy, with empowerment at the front and centre of programs that address the intersections of marginalization and disadvantage. But does this go far enough in a rapidly changing global context of shrinking civil society space, climate change, rising inequality and the challenges of mass migration?

This panel will unpack what we really mean when we talk of the indivisibility of human rights and the contemporary ramifications when some rights are prioritised at the expense of others? What are the people we serve saying about where they think our priorities should lie? What are the key challenges we must address to remain relevant?

To be announced shortly

Marc Purcell, Chief Executive Officer of ACFID

Brought to you by our Platinum Sponsor Australian Ethical Superannuation

 “The creative promotion of Human Rights”

  • Immerse yourself in film, music and photography
  • Engage and network within the sector
  • Celebrate the achievements of the year
  • Be inspired by ACFID Awardees

Guest Speaker: Professor Larissa Behrendt – Director “After the Apology”

Guest Musician: Murray Kyle

Photography Exhibition

Day 2: Wednesday 31st october, 2018

An exploration of how the sector should respond to geopolitical change in the region and what effect this will have on human rights

To be announced shortly

Impacts for international development and humanitarian agencies on the waning respect for human rights and humanitarian principles.

Human rights protection lies at the heart of humanitarian response as both conflicts and natural disasters generally result in, or are triggered by, human rights concerns.

Discussing the biggest human rights challenge in humanitarian response today, panel members will reflect on the implications of these challenges for development and humanitarian community and will consider the successes and struggles of how to apply rights-based approaches to humanitarian practice.