Australian Ethical invests differently. We don’t compromise ethics for returns but achieve both!

We invest to create financial security for you and positive change for society and the environment. Our Ethical Charter determines what we seek to invest in and what we avoid. Our investments consider global trends and are designed to fight climate change and support future building industries. We invest in renewables, healthcare, innovative technology and sustainability solutions.

Australian Ethical has over $2.8 billion in funds under management, across superannuation and managed funds.

Since 2016, Australia Ethical Super has been one of the fastest growing super funds in Australia.  Since 2014, the company has achieved B Corp ‘Best for the World’ status, ranking it in the top 10% of 1,800 B Corps globally. Ten per cent of Australian Ethical’s annual after-tax profits* fund its Community Grants programme. Through this programme, more than $2.5 million has been granted to charitable organisations and social impact initiatives since 2000.

*before deducting bonus and grant expense

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The European Union and it’s Member States continue to be the world’s leading provider of Official Development Assistance (ODA), with an overall amount of €75.7 billion in 2017. The EU and its Members States have been consistently in the lead of global efforts on development financing. Since 2015, the year of the adoption of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, EU collective aid has grown by €7.8 billion, while the ODA/GNI ratio grew by 6%, underpinning the EU’s and Member States’ sustained efforts to promote prosperity, peace, and sustainable development worldwide. The European Union is also based on a strong commitment to promoting and protecting human rights, democracy and the rule of law worldwide. Human rights are at the very heart of EU relations with other countries and regions. Promoting them can help prevent and resolve conflicts and alleviate poverty. 

The European Union is pleased to contribute to this conference. The EU’s Ambassador to Australia – Dr Michael Pulch – will deliver a short address during the pre-dinner drinks.  

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Australian Civil Military Centre (ACMC) is a part of the Australian Government. ACMC’s mission is to support the development of national civil-military-police capabilities, in order to prevent, prepare for and respond more effectively to conflicts and disasters overseas.

The ACMC works with government, civil society, and international partners, including the United Nations, to improve the outcomes of civil-military-police crisis responses in Asia and the Pacific, and globally. ACMC develops and promotes good practice in civil-military-police approaches to conflict and disaster management, where success results from the ability of personnel from all sectors to plan collaboratively, resource appropriately, and respond quickly through an integrated and joined up approach

The ACMC comprises staff drawn from Australian government departments and agencies, the New Zealand government and the Australian Council for International Development. Portfolio responsibility resides with the Minister for Defence.

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INTL FCStone provides foreign exchange and treasury services to international aid and development organizations, UN agencies, NGOs, religious entities, government agencies, and financial institutions. They facilitate transactions to more than with 175 countries with particular expertise in exotic currencies and payments to the developing world.

For over 30 years INTL FCStone has been providing foreign exchange and treasury services to international aid and development organizations, UN agencies, NGOs, religious entities, government agencies, and financial institutions. They facilitate transactions to more than with 175 countries with particular expertise in exotic currencies and payments to our wonderful partner organisations throughout the world. ACFID is especially excited to announce this partnership and to promote the services offered by INTL FCStone to our membership.

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Perrett Laver

Global development and non-profit organisations are operating in an increasingly complex environment and therefore are required to build diverse teams of world class leaders from a range of professional backgrounds and cultural perspectives. Perrett Laver identifies, engages, and secures those leaders.

Working globally with humanitarian and development NGOs, domestic voluntary and community organisations, human rights organisations, microfinance institutions, philanthropic foundations, and social enterprises, we focus heavily on attracting the very best leaders globally and, where appropriate, talent from outside the sector.

Since the establishment of the firm 14 years ago in London, Perrett Laver has conducted searches for some of the most senior roles within the sector (Trustees, CEOs, Functional Directors and Regional Directors) across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, the Arab states and the Americas. We work with a diverse range of clients within the global development, humanitarian, human rights, environmental and sustainability sectors, and our clients are working within the advocacy, policy and sustainability spaces, INGOs, foundations, impact investing, and private sectors. We also work with Governments and at the intersection of academia, and our candidates are diverse in all aspects including their global location and the sectors in which they work.

Whilst the largest proportion of our work in Australia since our commencement here in 2012 has been within the Higher Education sector, we are now actively building our Global Non-Profits practice in Australia. We look forward to meeting you during the 2018 ACFID conference in Sydney, and to an opportunity to discuss how we can support you and your organisation in the recruitment of your leaders of tomorrow.

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The RDI Network

The RDI Network is a network of practitioners, researchers and evaluators working in international development, offering a key cross-sector platform for shared learning and action in international development. The Network exists to foster collaboration between Australian universities and NGOs in order to promote high quality and ethical development research, translated as evidence and applied to effective policy and practice.

We look forward to meeting you at ACFID Conference 2018 where you can pick up our latest resources and find out how you can get involved in upcoming events and activities.

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The Travel Doctor – TMVC

Travel Doctor-TMVC are the experts in travel medicine. We provide a comprehensive plan for how your employees can keep healthy and safe while aboard.  Our clinics are accredited vaccination centres offering country specific vaccines and internationally recognised certification of your immunisation status.

Travel Doctor-TMVC: Supporting your travelling workforce to have a safe and healthy journey.

Your workforce is your greatest asset and keeping employees happy and healthy is key to productivity. In today’s global economy, business people are travelling further and at shorter notice to more isolated areas than ever before. Consequently, the threat posed by illness and injury to successful business outcomes has intensified. Each year Australian businesses absorb over $7 Billion in indirect costs associated with absenteeism due to poor health. Failure to properly manage the health risks of travelling employees can be costly. Travel Doctor-TMVC lives and breathes travel medicine advice and will provide a comprehensive plan for how your employees can keep healthy and safe while aboard. This may include pre-deployment medicals, travel management of chronic disease, complex conditions, vaccination requirements, medical kits and much more.

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Fundraise Digital

FundRaise Digital is a gamified fundraising platform to help you raise money for your charity or organisation. Our features, modules and events are tailored to provide a sense of achievement, fun and fulfilment for you and your team in peer to peer fundraising. We aim to:

Make Fundraising Fun

Creating a fundraising campaign has never been so fun and exciting. We help you build a great giving culture for your cause and make fundraising online an enjoyable experience.

Gamified Challenges

Bring the most to your charity, and compete for the best targets, badges and leaderboards to serve the greatest good through fun and unique events and challenges.

Competitive Spirit

FundRaise allows you to grow and nurture your team spirit to establish donation targets amongst your friends and incentivise bright and innovative ways to raise funds.

Professional Setup

Our Friendly staff make it easy for you to create a great fundraising platform. We hold your hand from start to finish – simply give us a call or email and we will set it up for you.

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Not-for-profit? Our backyard.

Keeping a not-for-profit (NFP) financially healthy in Australia is becoming more challenging.

Vincents’ experts are experienced in providing specialist NFP accounting, taxation and assurance services so these important organisations have the best chance at succeeding in the midst of compliance regulations, legislative changes and reductions in funding.

Discover how we can help you gain insight and take control of your NFP organisation and buy back the freedom to focus on what really matters to you through our wide range of support:

·         Financial statement audit

·         Grant acquittal audit

·         Corporate governance reviews

·         Internal audit & risk

·         Fraud investigation

·         Business process improvement

·         Financial statement preparation

·         Income tax exemption advice

·         FBT, salary packaging & GST

Your experts at helping NFPs – so you can focus on helping others.

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Campaign for Australian Aid

The Campaign for Australian Aid is a community of people determined to build a fair, sustainable, and peaceful world

We are a community of Australian aid and development organisations, churches, community groups, businesses and citizens who speak out for a world where all people, regardless of gender, race, or place of birth, can live a free, happy and healthy life. We support a global approach to action on poverty, inequality, and climate change and for an Australia that is a compassionate global citizen helping to create a fair, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Poverty (Social Justice): We are for a fair go for everyone regardless of place of birth, standing up for a world free from poverty. That’s why Australia should meet its global commitment of Australian aid of 0.7% of GNI.

Inequality (Economic Fairness): We are for economic and gender equality and for ensuring global corporates pay their fair share of tax and pay working people fair wages.

Climate Change (Environmental Sustainability): We are for clean air, water and land and for action against big polluters who are causing climate change and putting people, particularly people living in the poorest parts of the world, at risk.

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Official App Provider

CrowdCompass (by CVent)

Mobile apps are the future of event planning and attendee interaction. Use CrowdCompass to power attendee engagement with a mobile event app, before, during and after your event.

CrowdCompass by Cvent creates mobile event apps for planners to increase attendee engagement and produce a strong return on investment. Besides enhancing attendee experience, boosting event ROI and decreasing cost, CrowdCompass enables event organisers to expand your brand like never before. As the premier event app developer, they provide mobile apps for conferences, tradeshows, meetings, and events that range in size from 50 to 50,000 attendees. It helps planners save tens of thousands of dollars and leaves a lasting impression on attendees as they return year after year. CrowdCompass mobile apps are an integrated component of Cvent’s event management platform – the most comprehensive in the industry.

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Oxfam-Monash Partnership


Lasting solutions to the pressing development challenges of our time require all stakeholders to work in partnership. They cannot be achieved by one organization alone. 

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 — Partnerships for the Goals — reflects global recognition that strong partnerships are paramount to achieving the SDGs. The goals are interconnected so achieving them depends on tackling issues across more than one goal at a time.  Oxfam Australia and Monash University aim to contribute to this by working together to tackle the root causes of poverty that affect people around the world.  


The Oxfam-Monash Partnership brings together one of the world’s top NGOs with the strength of Australia’s largest University to change people’s lives for the better.  

At Oxfam Australia and Monash University, we have our individual missions, but we share a common purpose: to improve people’s lives. Since 2010, we’ve been working together to bring our different and complementary resources – world-leading academic research and development experience, to achieve greater development impact than would otherwise be possible.   

The Partnership, a first of its kind, has a project track record and proven policy expertise that aligns with key targets set out in the SDGs.  We do this through Participatory Action Research, Practitioner Development and Student Engagement. 

Our research focuses on four key themes:  

  • Climate change and resilience; 
  • Gender equality; 
  • Migration and displacement; and 
  • Social accountability. 

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ACFID acknowledges the longstanding relationship with it’s partner, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Conference Sponsorship Packages

Check out the available sponsorship packages by downloading the ACFID National Conference Sponsorship brochure.

Top reasons to get involved

  1. Showcase your products and services while promoting your brand at one of the top international development conferences throughout Asia and the Pacific.
  2. Participate in the largest annual gathering of executives, researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the Australian aid and development sector.
  3. Network with 300+ key staff who represent a majority of the managerial or executive level roles within the ACFID membership. Many of your current and prospective customers and employees will undoubtedly be familiar with both the organisations as well as specific campaigns they run.
  4. Develop new partnerships and associations with key decision makers across all facets of the international aid and development sector; including business services, applied research and universities, volunteer education and training, IT and infrastructure, HR and resource management.
  5. Learn about market trends, latest research findings and the future of the sector by attending some of the programmed sessions.


The ACFID National Conference is an ideal opportunity to extend your reach to those organisations in attendance. ACFID’s members require a multitude of services such as:

  • Media/publishing houses
  • Higher education institutions or consortia
  • Technology and software providers (for eg. e-learning, online payment solutions, marketing solutions)
  • Student programs (for eg. internship or scholarship programs, study/work abroad programs, volunteer programs)
  • Business service providers (for eg. financial/banking, accommodation & travel, insurance, jobs/employment)
  • Consultancies (for eg. research, leadership and professional development, strategy)

For individual packages or to discuss tailoring a package specific to your business or product, please contact Moti Goode on [email protected]

Fast facts about the ACFID membership

  • Employs 4,191 people and over 27,000 volunteers in Australia alone (2014-15)
  • $1.658 Billion dollars flows through the sector annually – 56% of this is raised by direct donations from the Australian public (2014-15).
  • Total expenditure from the sector was $1.643 Billion dollars for 2014-15 financial year,
  • ACFID member organisations maintain presence in over 90 countries around the globe, and often look for partners who can provide a range of services in these locations.
  • 1.64 million individual donors in 2014-15, compared to the previous year 13-14, representing an increase of 110,000 individual donors.
  • $92 Million raised for Emergency Humanitarian Relief campaigns in 2014-15 by the Australian public, indicating strength and trust in the sector.

Some suggestions to increase engagement, brand awareness or leads at conference

  • Conference hashtag & linking to social media to capture an audience that you may not usually.
  • Mailing Lists encourage passers-by to add their name or business card with a competition or voucher
  • Games & Competitions, after a long day of being spoken to, a light hearted challenge or piece of trivia is a great way to engage, plus everyone wants a new tablet or smart phone!)
  • Consumer Education, if you have a great product and it fits a need, they will buy it.
  • Pre-conference marketing to specific roles amongst ACFID members – e.g. Finance or HR Managers (‘come visit the our booth at ACFID 2017 to hear
    about all the innovations…
  • New Product Launch, generate buzz around a new product you have for the market by inviting your target market to a ‘launch side event’ or a sponsored session. You could even request to hold a ‘Private Session’ with HR Managers only in attendance.

Some past exhibitors and sponsors