All of JMB’s life has been a shining example of positive change-making. You could read his autobiography,  or watch his life story (as at 2012 and as told in the Australian story),  and get the full narrative here. As a summary, here’s a short bio on JMB listing a few achievements and milestones along the way.

From the oldest continuous culture, Indigenous Australia, with 60,000+ years of imagination at its heart, AIME was founded by Jack Manning Bancroft as a 19-year-old back in 2005. He became CEO at 22, and in Australia alone, over 14 years, he’s helped solve a previously intractable challenge: Indigenous inequality in education. He designed a solution that is scalable, cost effective, easily transferable across borders and focused on unlocking the magic of learning. A structured mentoring model underpinned by imagination. Because kids who everyone calls the problem, he knew to be the solution.

This revolutionary fire of change known as AIME that started in Sydney is now a global movement, lighting up 5 countries across 3 continents. Since inception, 25,000+ ‘so-called-disadvantaged’ kids have marched through the program to end educational inequality, ably supported by 10,000+ university students as volunteer mentors (the largest such movement in Australia’s history). Having proven their ability to shift the imbalance of power locally, Jack and AIME are currently taking on the challenge of global inequality, now operating in Australia, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria and the USA; with the model set for rapid expansion worldwide in the next 5-10 years