Research suggests that a 1000-person, 3-day event, produces around 3480 kg’s of landfill – equal to the weight of 2.6 compact cars.

This can be items such as paper or cardboard, plastic film, cans or disposable coffee cups.

In 2016, we estimated that for each ACFID Conference, we print and ship approximately 18,000 sheets of paper – items like programs, conference papers, signage, etc.  

We were horrified to learn that this was equal to 1.5 trees.  

In 2017, we moved to a paperless system and launched our first event app for ACFID Conference. This provided the conference team flexibility in managing last minute program changes, as well as reducing the overall cost of producing and freighting paper based conference items. By reducing our freight needs, we were also able to reduce any carbon emissions associated. 

Most importantly, we were able to save those 18,000 pieces of paper from ultimately ending up in landfill. 

In 2019, we estimate that after using our event app for 3 years, we will have saved 4.5 trees! 

Please help us to reduce the amount of waste or landfill produced at ACFID Conference by downloading the event app in the lead up and avoid printing the program or conference papers where possible. More information about the event app will be released in the lead up, including instructions on where and how to download.