#ACFID2019 will not eat into the Earth! And neither will it’s suppliers. 

‘Research shows that a quarter of all global emissions come from food and 60% of those are from animal produce. Beef and lamb alone account for more than half of the animal produce emissions*.’   


Suppliers are crucial for an event and we have chosen suppliers that we are proud to partner with. Demonstrating values that align with those of our delegates, as well as our own, they care about the environment as much as we do and achieve minimal impact through creative, sustainable initiatives within their business models. Get excited, because we are! 



This year we are partnering with Sydney-based company European Catering to provide the conference catering. European Catering holds a Green Table certification, which is an accreditation program recognizing food businesses for their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment.  

In partnership with the team at European Catering, we have specially designed a custom menu for #ACFID2019 that includes:   

  • More locally sourced, sustainable ingredients  
  • An increase in vegetarian options and reduction in red meat overall
  • Reduce the amount of food waste by avoiding over catering;  

European Catering also has commitments to:  

  • Donating left-over food to OzHarvest
  • Diverting all food scraps to compost or green waste 
  • Use as much renewable energy or green gas as possible to run stoves and ovens
  • Select and use packaging products that are recycled, can be recycled, and/or are biodegradable  


Producing 400+ plastic-cased name badges and lanyards adds to the environmental footprint of an event. If using the figure of 3kg of CO2 emissions per kg of plastic, the production of 450 lanyards and plastic sleeves for the ACFID Conference would unnecessarily emit at least 200kg of CO2 emissions.  

We’ve decided it’s time to change this, so we’ve partnered with Signal Events – the only fully solar powered promotional product company in Australia - to provide recycled PET lanyards. This provides a second life to milk bottles that would otherwise go to landfill or even the ocean. The name badges will be printed onto thick recycled paper with no plastic sleeve around them.  

TIP: By returning your lanyard to us after conference so we can reuse it, you are participating in a ‘Circular Economy’! 

*Read more about sustainable food options with this climate change food calculator here: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46459714