A whopping 38% of Australia’s landfill is made up of single use coffee cups and water bottles.

Some reports suggest that in Australia we are throwing away a billion plastic cups – every year! Most can’t be recycled, and when accidentally mixed in with other recycling, often contaminate the rest meaning it can no longer be recycled.  



Each year at ACFID Conference we see hundreds of single use plastic coffee cups thrown in the trash. In 2019, ACFID Conference is removing the option of disposable single use plastic coffee cups and providing each delegate with a reusable coffee mug. If 400 ACFID Conference delegates use a reusable coffee cup instead of a single use disposable cup, we will be saving .056 tons of landfill and .05 tons of C02 emissions – each day of conference!  Remember to bring your mug back on day 2 so we can keep increasing our savings!


We are proud to have partnered with Signal Events – Australia’s only promotional products company to be run on 100% solar – to design and produce reusable bamboo coffee cups for the ACFID conference.  

According to KeepCup, each person using a reusable coffee cup instead of a single use cup for one year is equal to reducing the equivalent of carbon emissions caused by: 

  • Driving a car for 205 km’s 
  • Leaving 750 LED lights switched on for one year 

Now multiply this by 400 – that’s the number of delegates at the ACFID Conference – to find the potential savings we as a community can make, by continuing to use our reusable ACFID mugs!

There are some easy, practical ways you can make sure your morning grind isn’t becoming a grind (on the environment), even when you forget to take your ACFID cup with you: 

  • Don’t take away, take a seat and sip 
  • Refuse a lid if you don’t really need it 
  • Just wait – do you really need another caffeine hit? Can you wait 10 minutes til you get home/to work?

If all 400 delegates at the ACFID Conference commit to using their ACFID cup for 1 year – imagine what we could save!