A celebration of civil society!

Join us as we reflect on the role of ACFID members, and the lessons learned during the journey to independence for Timor Leste.


Join Timorese Ambassador to Australia, Mr. Abel Guterres & ACFID President Susan Pascoe to hear stories from that time and now, drawing important insights and lessons for our work moving forwards. 

Special evening keynote will be delivered by FONGTIL Board Member Elisabeth Lino de Araujo

Reflect on this as a time when Australian civil society worked in solidarity with Timorese Civil Society and activists both to advocate for self-determination, and to respond to the ensuing humanitarian crisis. It was a time when our collective voice and common purpose brought about the strength and momentum needed to play an important role in bringing about real and critical change for Timor.

Format of the evening: In a casual setting, attendees will have the option to move freely through the evening; noting that at various times, there will be some formalities such as presentation of the ACFID Awards mixed with the entertainment.   

When: 7pm Wednesday October 23rd, following Pre-Dinner Networking Reception

Where: Roundhouse UNSW

Cost: $100

ACFID Awards: Join us as we recognise and celebrate the achievements of those who have made an impact and difference. 

Guest Musician:  Bobby Alu

Registration: Please use this link if you would like to register to attend the Dinner event only.