Ms. Davaajargal is the Director of programs and cooperation at the Mongolian Red Cross Society overseeing the operational areas and strategic direction of the organization’s – 4 core programs – Disaster management, health promotion, social inclusion and youth engagement. MRCS has a presence at all administrative levels in Mongolia with 34 mid-level branches, 700 primary level branches, 75000 children and youth members and 130 000 supporters throughout the country.

Ms.Davaajargal has been managing all MRCS program and project areas including emergency appeals since 2016 and participates in MRCS’s regional strategic engagement in regional and global humanitarian strategy. Prior to this, Ms.Davaajargal served as a volunteer at the Mongolian Red Cross Society. Ms. Davaajargal holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Graduate degree in public administration. She is fluent in Mongolian, English and Japanese.