May 27, 2016


A highlight of the ACFID National Conference is the presentation of our three major annual ACFID Awards as nominated by our Members and Australia’s media sector. The ACFID Awards provide an important opportunity for us to celebrate the accomplishment of those who have made a difference in the lives of people experiencing poverty an injustice.

Please note that nominations for the 2017 awards are not yet open. Watch this space.

The Sir Ron Wilson Human Rights Award.

This award is presented to an individual or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to advancing human rights in the international development sector.


The Outstanding Contribution to the Sector Award

This Award is presented to an individual or organisation that has shown an outstanding contribution to the Australian aid and development NGO sector over an extended period of time. The key criterion is whether the whole sector (more than a single agency) has benefited from the contribution.

ACFID Media Award

The ACFID Media Award aims to promote and recognise the work of Australian journalists delivering informed and studied media items about international development and/or humanitarian issues.

The Award will be presented to an Australian journalist or journalistic team that has produced a single piece or series that:
Profiles with sensitivity and respect the issues and lives of people experiencing poverty and injustice

Shows an understanding of the complexity of humanitarian and/or development issues, and;

Is judged to have the potential to help expand the knowledge of the Australian public in relation to humanitarian and/or international development issues.